At the beautiful Whistler Olympic Park at Whistler BC.

Watch for 2022 dates.

BC Overland Rally

What do I need to know before coming to the Rally?

This is a ticketed event, not a free event, you need a ticket to enter. You can purchase online, or at the gate.

The cost for tickets is between $115 and $275, depending if you buy a single or family pass, early bird, or at the gate. 

  • Credit card payments subject to processing fees.

Check in times for attendees:

  • Thursday 1-8pm
  • Friday 8am-8pm
  • Saturday 8am-3pm

If you arrive after check-in closes, please camp in the "Late Arrivals" camping area, close to the entrance of the site and we will check you in the following morning after 8am.

Camping: Camping is on fine pea-gravel for vehicle campers or on grassy areas for ground tents. Grassy areas are first-come first served.

Please remember to bring some strong stakes or landscaping nails, as the ground can be hard. You have two choices, Quiet, and Not so quiet zones, see below.

What if you don't have a tent or a camper? - One of our vendors, Wild Havens, rents luxurious tents with all the gear inside. They will have some set up at the rally. To rent a tent package from them (already set up) visit www.wildhavens.ca/bcoverland Please note their tent rental does not include your ticket to the rally, you still need to buy that from us. 

Quiet and Not So Quiet zones:

  • 10pm in the “Quiet Zone” means absolute quiet. Whisper please, no chatting. No generators or air conditioning units.
  • 10pm in “Not so quiet zone” means turn down the music and chat quietly. Generators off.
  • There is no party zone!


  • Flush toilets at the lodge. Nightly closure expected.
  • Porta-potties available throughout the venue site, open 24 hours.

Rules on the Field

  • Vehicle movement on the field is DEAD SLOW. Kids and dogs are everywhere.
  • Anyone riding a motorbike MUST wear a helmet.
  • Alcohol and Vehicles do not mix. Period.
  • No Mini Bikes or ATV's.

Rules for the Technical Course

  • For Scheduled Activities Only
  • No Racing or horseplay
  • Always to be used under supervision

Rally Entrance – 5 Callaghan Rd, Whistler, BC V0N 1B8 (15-20 minutes south of the Whistler Village).

Campfires – We have a small elevated central campfire every evening. Small propane fires are allowed at individual campsites based on current fire-danger levels, but that is always subject to change.

Kids and Dogs - The BC Overland Rally is a kid and dog friendly event. We love both kids and dogs, but we recognize that both need to be managed at a large event. Please keep an eye on your kids, and ensure they don't play in areas where vehicles may be moving about. Dogs must be leashed at ALL times, NEVER left in a locked vehicle (it can get hot very quickly), and PLEASE pick up any poop, regardless of what it comes out of...

Water - There is a tap on the main lodge building, but possibly not in an area that you can easily reach with a vehicle, so bring a jerry can if you will need to get additional water.


  • The village is close by, and we are planning to have food trucks on site, the same as prior years. 

Propane - TBC

Shower – We are hoping to have showers available on site, please watch this space.

Electricity – There is no electricity on the field. We recommend solar power, or a quiet generator if required, but generators must be shut off at 10pm.

Hookups – There are no RV hookups at the Rally

Weather – The weather in the mountains is unpredictable. It can be hot (20s to 30s) in the day, and cold (single digits) at night, with a chance of rain as well. Bring appropriate clothing, sunscreen, and a hat!

Insurance – Please note, the Rally does not provide coverage for bodily Injury. Attendees should have their own medical coverage, and attendee vehicles must be fully insured.

Garbage and recycling – Containers will be available for returnable beverage containers (the air cadets will use this as a fund-raising tool). There will be separate containers for trash. If you have other recycling we can't take it, sorry, either trash it or bring it home please for recycling.

Vehicle Recovery – If you get stuck, don’t worry, there are lots of people around to help, but if your vehicle breaks down, it is your responsibility to get it home.

Be Bear-Aware. We are in the mountains, there are bears. Please don't leave food around your campsite. Any food waste should be bagged and put into the trash bins so we can transfer it to the bear-proof dumpster.